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I actually am prescribed 1.0mg dosage as needed. for the last 6 mos. my major anxiety is I would like to understand present data on likely overdose. (if at all)

My status is a blend of chronic (constant) disquiet, acute fright disorder, and chronic insomnia. I have a very high-pressure job in the expertise field. My mind does NOT close off. I had not dozed more than 3 hours in a strip since I was 14 years old. I am a survivor of a brutal rape attack. For decades, I concerned certainly and huge fright would paralyze me randomly (mostly at night). The emotional and personal symptoms (desperate thoughts, rushing brain, bashing heartbeat, agitating, worrying, critical nausea) would make me believe I was straining or going insane. It was imperative that I got HOME and turn on all the lights and conceive backdrop noise. It was a nightmare to reside like this. Many medical practitioners over twenty-five years prescribing countless ineffective medications only made me seem more hopeless. Xanax has been a godsend to me. I take one 1MG Xanax at evening (as required, only rarely now) before bed (usually around 11:00) and in 20 minutes I am sound asleep. When I awaken up in the forenoon (usually 5:30) I am relaxed. No longer are worry, concern, and fright my first thoughts of the day. I know-how very couple of side effects (a bit of clumsiness) but I can joke at myself and am more tolerant of my own shortcomings. If fright creeps up on me throughout the day/evening, I can serene myself understanding that when I get dwelling, I will doze – and things will be better in the morning. It furthermore assists understanding I have my Xanax with me in my purse at all times, and if I required to take one, I can. I am not concerned about addiction or expanded dosage. My medical practitioner (for the past four years) has supervised me nearly, and my 1MG Xanax dosage is employed well. I am very appreciative for it. Life, with all its trials, is liveable now.

Reason for using: Panic Attacks.Side Effects: I had my first fright strike at a video theater where I sensed that I was dying. I could not apprehend my respire and I blacked out. I was put on .5 Xanax when required for suppressing the attacks and I have been through 6 years of Effexor, Zoloft, Paxil, and Effexor XR. I DO have a VERY thriving way to WIN at most widespread (but painful) fright attacks…I investigated for 4 years at Baylor University on my own time apart from my degree in the enterprise, and staggered on to a full-blown triumphant program for drubbing this shitty “illness”! I am not making cash off of this program, but will help “sell” it for the individual who came up and put simultaneously this Compilation of steps of drubbing the HELL out of the sickness that is drubbing the torment out of you!!! It takes time and will..but I experienced direct respite that there was the wish of being healed after reading the downloaded publication from the internet. And 2 months subsequent I am on the downhill rush to not ever feel my meds afresh and furthermore feeling large about myself AND understanding that YOUR BODY is the lone BEST protecting against defending yourself…not medications that “trick” your brain into “forgetting” that you have everyday difficulties that need to be faced. The program is called the LINDEN Method and can be glimpsed here. All I can state is

assisted greatly at first-.5mg- does not work as well now. Dr notified me to take it 3 times a day now, instead of 2

Reason for using: fright attacks/anxiety.Side Effects: (oops, I just dispatched the last one, put in the incorrect info on how long I have been taken it) I take 1-2MG for fright attacks and for anxiety. if I take 2, it generally makes me just a little drowsy. I endured from fright attacks for about a year and my doc put me 1-2MG per day as required and it completely bangs out my fright attacks. For disquiet, I normally take one and I’m good. The only difficulties I have skilled is taking more than 2MG for numerous days then my body going thru withdrawal, I wise, take only as directed!

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